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  • This conference is about more than just sex, it’s about life and God’s redemptive plan for humanity. Sex is an aspect of this conference, but not the only part of this conference. It addresses life, relationships, marriage, virginity, singleness, abuse, there is no stone left un-turned. This conference is for everyone and you will NOT be disappointed.

  • I’ve heard about Sex and The Gospel several times, but what stuck with me when I heard Blake teach it at Impact was “Sex from the Manufacturer’s Manual.”  After learning the four purposes of sex –procreation, consummation, recreation and protection- I realized the importance of “protection.” God gave sex to married couples as a gift to Satan-proof their marriage. It’s beneficial…

  • Learning about the bride price and how God views a woman’s worth influenced me big time. This is not about waiting to have sex it is about the purpose of sex and what God expects. You always hear not to have sex, you never hear why you should wait until marriage. If You are in a relationship YOU BOTH NEED TO…

  • Everyone needs this information to survive in our sex crazed culture. We need this information if we are going to resist temptation. The material was relevant and I felt l that I could immediately apply all of the information that I learned.

  • The conference was nuts and it was amazing. When Blake Wilson talked about how men were supposed to approach a lady I learned tons of things I never knew. If you are interested in dating or getting married YOU NEED this information.

  • We feel like that as the church we have warned people to flee from sex but have not done the best job of communicating a comprehensive philosophy to God’s people about God’s purpose and design for sex. Sex & The Gospel is the message that gives a true biblical view of sex.

Sex From the Manufacturer’s Manual

Pastor Blake Wilson gives pastors at Advance 13 an overview of why churches are responsible for talking about God’s four purposes for sex.