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What a weekend! To say that Sex & The Gospel Charlottesville was fantastic is an understatement. All glory to God as this was undoubtedly one of our best conferences yet. We’re so thankful to Pastor Atwell and Portico Church for the superb hospitality, welcoming us as family and embracing this eye-opening conference.

For far too long churches have taken a backseat letting the world dictate and portray pleasure-driven purposes of sex, so Portico is to be commended for yielding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and bringing this non-traditional conference to the church and to the entire Charlottesville community.

We praise God for the testimonies we’ve heard and received from many of the over 200 attendees. From married couples seeking to be more consistently intimate with each other to singles being freed by grace from their sexual past and even parents learning how to talk to their kids about sex in a straightforward, Biblical manner, the testimonies from Sex & The Gospel Charlottesville reflect the impact that this conference has on people.
What attendees are saying:

“Really eye-opening and changed my views about the church and preconceived beliefs of how the Bible views sex.”

“Keep getting the church to talk about sex.”

“I’ve been with six different girls. I have recently started following Christ and I have been struggling with guilt. This conference has forever changed my life and I now have renewed hope. I will cherish and study this so I may teach my kids so that they may know their worth.”

“I like the unbiased view – clearly based in the Bible.”

“Really exceptional conference. Wish I had this as a teenager, but hopefully I can apply this in my life now and use it to steward my daughter and son in the way they should go as well as the friends we keep.”

“Thank you for speaking the truth,”

“So blessed by this and excited by what God can do in our church, our ministry and our family. Thank you for your faithfulness.”

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